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GParted – “Bad sectors” Error Message

When using GParted to resize a partition on a hard drive you have cloned you may notice an exclamation mark on the drive.

exclamation mark1

When you attempt to apply the resize it will most likely fail, and you may receive an error message, similar to the one below, stating that there are “bad sectors” on the disk.

error message

If you run CHKDSK in windows it will most likely tell you that there were no bad sectors found. This is due to the fact that the old hard drive probably had bad sectors on it and when it was cloned it carried the error flags over with it to the new hard drive.

To solve this issue you will first need to run command prompt as an administrator in windows.

Next type “chkdsk /b”. The “/b” flag tells CHKDKS to perform a bad block check, it is a more thorough scan but it takes longer.

cmd prompt 1

You will most likely be trying to run CHKDSK on the drive that you are currently using. If so, you will receive a message stating that you must restart the computer before it can do so.

cmd prompt 2

Type “Y” and press enter. Now restart your computer. CHKDSK will start scanning the computer and should remove all the old error flags.

Wait for the computer to do a full reboot and then run GParted again. You should find that the yellow exclamation mark has disappeared and you are now able to resize the partition successfully.

Joel JohnsonGParted – “Bad sectors” Error Message
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