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Has your router been cracked wide open?

linksys router smashed

We have had a number of customers report recently that their internet browsers have been hijacked. Quite simply, this means that when they try to browse to a website, such as they are redirected somewhere else.

These websites that are displayed often ask for Adobe Flash player to be updated, or inform you that a virus scan needs to be completed on the computer.

These sites are not genuine. In fact, the reason that the pages are shown is because the settings on the internet router have been changed by a 3rd party.

More information about this security vulnerability is available here:

This of course is extremely worrying, as it means an outsider has successfully accessed the computer network, and may in future try to infect connected computers with viruses, or otherwise attempt to illegally access data.

Thankfully, the fix is quite simple – the internet router password should be changed to something other than the manufacturers default, and the system administration password should be changed to something more complex.

System administration passwords should be changed regularly as a matter of course, so this is a good opportunity to ensure that this vital task has been completed.

DamianHas your router been cracked wide open?
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