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Installing exim on Hardy Heron Ubuntu 8.04

This walkthrough will detail the installation and configuration of exim on your Ubuntu installation.

Firstly, lets get exim installed:

su # enable root for installation and configuration - enter your password when prompted
apt-get install exim4 # Installs exim

Next, run the configuration

dpkg-reconfigure exim4-config # Runs the configuration program for exim

Here is a quick runthrough of the screens (there is more information on each screen if you require):

Mail Server configuration > OK
General type of mail configuration: > mail sent by smarthost; received via SMTP or fetchmail > OK
System mail name: > (leave the default in place) > OK
IP-addresses to listen on: > > OK
Other destinations: > (leave the default in place) > OK
Machines to relay mail for: > (leave blank) > OK
IP address or host name: > (Your ISPs SMTP server) > OK
Hide local mail name: > No > OK
In normal mode of operation: > OK
Keep number of DNS-queries minimal: > No
Delivery method: > mbox format in /var/mail/ > OK
Split configuration: > No

The configuration program will then close

* Stopping MTA for restart                                              [ OK ]
* Restarting MTA                                                        [ OK ]

Next, we will install mailutils – a useful program that will allow us to send a test mail. Still as root,run:

apt-get install mailutils

Then send a test mail:

mail (email address you would like to email)
cc: (press enter to skip cc:)
Subject: (enter a subject, then press enter)
. (the . ends the message body)

You should recieve the email at your selected address shortly.

DamianInstalling exim on Hardy Heron Ubuntu 8.04
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