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FreePBX – convert WAV call recordings to MP3 v2

An updated version of our script to bulk convert wav call recordings to mp3 as mentioned here.

This version may be redistributed freely, as long as the copyright message remains.
# A Script to Convert FreePBX call recordings from WAV to MP3
# Also updates the CDR database, for correct downloads through the web UI
# Version 2 - 2016/04/15
# Changelog
# v2 - Skip broken files (but show an error message)
# v1 - Initial version
# Copyright Jaytag Computer Limited 2016 -
# You may use or modify this script as you wish as long as this copyright
# message remains. Redistribution is permitted.

# Set the Asterisk Recording Directory

# Start the Loop
for wavfile in `find $recorddir -name \*.wav`; do

# Make Variables from the WAV file names
wavfilenopath="$(echo $wavfile | sed 's/.*\///')"
mp3file="$(echo $wavfile | sed s/".wav"/".mp3"/)"
mp3filenopath="$(echo $mp3file | sed 's/.*\///')"

# Convert the WAV files to MP3, exit with an error message if the conversion fails
nice lame -b 16 -m m -q 9-resample "$wavfile" "$mp3file" && rm -frv $wavfile || echo "$wavfile encoding failed"

# Update the CDR Database, only if conversion is sucessful
if [ -e "$mp3file" ] then
mysql -u root -s -N -D asteriskcdrdb<<<"UPDATE cdr SET recordingfile='$mp3filenopath' WHERE recordingfile = '$wavfilenopath'"
echo "DBUPDATE -------------------------------------------------------"
echo "DBUPDATE - $wavfilenopath changed to $mp3filenopath in CDR DB"
echo "DBUPDATE -------------------------------------------------------"

# On-Screen display of variables for debugging/logging
# echo ""
# echo "File -------------------------------------------------------"
# echo "Wav File : " $wavfile
# echo "Wav No Path : " $wavfilenopath
# echo "MP3 File : " $mp3file
# echo "MP3 No Path : " $mp3filenopath
# echo "End File ---------------------------------------------------"
# echo ""

# End the Loop

DamianFreePBX – convert WAV call recordings to MP3 v2
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