Contact Us

There is usually no charge for any advice we provide over the telephone or by email. That means you get top notch advice free of charge whenever you need it.

Call our freephone computer helpline on 0800 7879 258 to see if we can talk you through the problem, or click to contact us.

If we have to visit you, we charge £100+VAT per hour for the first hour of a site visit – then £50+VAT per half hour.

Support can also be provided by remote access. This negates the need for a site visit and often reduces the amount we have to charge. Remote support sessions are charged at £17.5+VAT per 15m block.

Work completed outside of our normal working hours (9am to 5pm) is charged at a higher rate – £115+VAT per hour for the first hour of a site visit, then at £57.50 per half hour. £90+VAT per hour for remote support, in 15m increments.

Significant discounts are available on pay-as-you go pricing for regular customers, or for customers on a contract.

For all our work we offer written quotations at no charge.

Here are some common jobs we do, with their respective prices:

  • Reinstallation of operating system (including transferring any existing data): £100+VAT (plus parts)
  • Replacement of a faulty hard drive (including copying of existing data where possible): £100+VAT (plus parts)
  • Virus Removal (even if you have multiple viruses): £60+VAT
  • Upgrade installation (additional memory, graphics cards or hard drives): £50+VAT (plus parts)