Cloud Storage and Online Backups

Cloud Storage and Online Backups

Our cloud storage solution is an easy to use, secure and flexible service backed by and Rackspace. In its most basic form, you are provided with a virtual network drive, allowing you to backup, share and synchronise files anywhere in the world.

Our cloud storage solution is an easy to use, secure and flexible service backed by and Rackspace. In its most basic form, you are provided with a virtual network drive, allowing you to backup, share and synchronise files anywhere in the world.


My Secure Backup is a business class online storage, sharing, and backup service designed for Businesses of 2–100+ employees.

  • Secure Automatic Backup – allows users to easily backup important data to the cloud in a set-it-and-forget-it fashion. Protect data with AES-256 encryption, using a key that you control.
  • Multi-way Sync – allows users to synchronise folders on their computers with folders on a cloud-based network drive – and with folders on other computers.
  • Network Drive – gives users a secure place to store and share files as if they were already on their computers. Easily control and limit access for each user.
  • Backup History – improves the ability to restore files as they existed during a particular backup.
  • Web-based Access to Network Drive Files – improves the way users can access files from any web browser anywhere in the world. Access and Manage data remotely using any Mac, Windows, or Linux computer with equal functionality on each platform.

In essence, everything your business needs in one Easy-to-Use, Flexible, and Secure workgroup product.

Why online backups?

For a backup to be worthwhile, it needs to be kept off site. Otherwise, your backups are at risk of loss or damage caused by fire, flood or theft. Backup tapes are expensive (as are backup drives) and need to be changed regularly. External hard drives while cheap, are just as much at risk of failure as a server. In both instances, the logistics of storing the data off site is complicated. For instance, the off-site storage location should be fire safe and otherwise secure.

Online backups eliminate the headaches of traditional backup methods. Files are encrypted and stored securely on an external server (with Amazon for UK/EU data and Rackspace for US data).


The monthly charge for this service is just £10 per machine – this includes a massive 50GB of storage. There is no setup fee, and you can (at your request) be emailed regularly with the status of your backup.

Additional storage space is charged at £10 per 50GB.

Most businesses choose to backup the main file server, and ensure that all critical business data is stored there, rather than on desktop PCs.

The first backup

Please be aware that the first backup can take a significant amount of time to complete. This is dependant on your internet connection. Usually we will highlight the most important files first and then cascade down until all files on the server are being backed up.

Subsequent backup times are dependant on the amount of data uploaded, but typically take 30m-1hr to complete. These daily backups are usually run at 1am when nobody is accessing the server, or using your internet connection.

Terms and conditions of service

General terms:

  • The online backup service provided is full service (i.e. installed, monitored and operated) which requires remote access for installation, configuration and ongoing monitoring.
  • Services can be terminated at either parties request with 30 days written notice. No excess charges are made for cancellation of the service.
  • Routine backups are carried out automatically on a daily basis. This may mean that the machine you back up needs to remain powered on overnight (if you wish the backup to take place out of hours).

Backup charges:

  • £10+VAT per machine, per month (this includes 50GB of data)
  • Additional 50GB blocks of data storage are £10+VAT monthly
  • Payment is made quarterly, in advance
  • Charges for data use in excess of the amount paid for are charged in the following quarter
  • Data restores are carried out at the clients request. These are usually executed within 4 hours. There is no charge made for simple file or folder data restores. Complex restores (i.e. a total restoration of all data following a disaster) are charged at a fixed fee of £50+VAT.
  • Data stored on the online backup service can be extracted for a fixed fee of £50+VAT plus storage media (i.e. DVD-R media or a suitable hard drive)
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