Hire Temporary Desktop Support and IT Contractors in London

Do you need IT contractors or IT support staff immediately?

Do you need to provide holiday or sickness cover for your IT staff? Jaytag Computer can help. With almost a decade of experience in providing desktop support and server support we are also able to supply the following types of staff on a short term IT contract, or longer term basis:

  • Service Desk Analysts
  • 1st Line Technical Support
  • 2nd Line Technical Support
  • 1st Line Desktop Support Analysts
  • 2nd Line Desktop Support Analysts
  • Windows Server Administrators
  • Helpdesk Managers
  • Rollout Engineers

Our usual arrangement is to provide staff on a day-rate basis. Alternatively, there are substantial discounts for contracts with a longer commitment. For example, a 1 month contract, our normal rate is reduced by 35%.

Temporary desktop support is not easy to find – especially where you need short term it staff, but want to form a relationship with a company on a longer term basis.

In the last few years, we have worked closely with a number of organisations in providing this type of service. We’d like the opportunity to be your temporary desktop support supplier.

Case Study – Telecommunications Provider, Reading
Initially, a team of 3 technicians were provided, to complete a laptop re-imaging process to Windows 10, and to migrate from an on-site Active Directory domain to Microsoft Azure. Successfully completing the OS rollout, and assisting the on-site team with the Azure migration, the second stage of the contract was to provide a 2nd Line Technical Support technician for 2 days a week, over a 6 months basis. Providing additional support to the on-site team, the technician fully documented the customer-specific IT procedures, that had not previously been prepared. Key client applications/systems: Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Intune, Direct Access, Microsoft Office 365.

Case Study – Medical Software Provider, Hammersmith
Providing cover and additional support to the on-site staff, 2 technicians were trained on the internal processes and procedures used by the client to manage their IT systems. Following the on-boarding process, support was provided on an as-needed basis for the following months. This consisted of a number of whole-week periods, and was followed by periods of 2 days a week, over a longer period of time. Key client applications/systems: Google Apps (G Suite), Okta SSO, and Microsoft Office 365, Atlassian Jira, Workday HR, Slack, Cisco Routers/Switches/Wireless Access Points.

  • Outsourced IT Support

    Outsourced IT Support

    Do you want to outsource your IT department? We can help.

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  • IT Audits

    IT Audits

    Once complete, the client is provided with an in depth appraisal of their IT configuration and is therefore better informed to make choices about their ongoing IT strategy.

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  • Remote IT Support

    Remote IT Support

    We’ve invested in a powerful remote IT support solution that means we can fix most IT problems straight away – without leaving our offices.

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