IT Security

IT Security is a almost a completely different 'strand' of IT support. That being said, it's critical that businesses take their IT security seriously.

For most small businesses, the IASME Cyber Essentials scheme is a good starting point. In the past few years, we have assisted many businesses in becoming "Cyber Essentials" certified.

You can find out some more information about this scheme here:

What does an IT Security Audit look like?

There are a great many tasks that need to be completed before a business can achieve even the most basic certification for cyber security. Initially, there will be work to:

  • Investigate topology of network, including firewall, network switches, wireless network points etc
  • Briefly document configuration of same, and identify any potential issues
  • Identify any servers in use within the business - file sharing, line-of-business, web, etc
  • Briefly document configuration of same
  • Initial investigation into server configuration, noting of any potential issues
  • Examine configuration of 'typical' desktop/laptop PC in use
  • Identify business "BYOD" policy/procedures
  • Discuss and examine remote working arrangements

The end result will be a written list of reccomendations (with justifications, options for solutions, pricing etc) for your systems and potential future ways of working.

Once the ISAME reccomendations are in place, your business is ready for the self-ceritification process, which we can assit you with until completion.


We have experience with the installation, configuration and maintenance of most of the major brands of firewall - from small business solutions like Draytek, through to SME solutions like ZyWall, SonicWall and Sophos UTM.

We also have experience in securing networks in regulated buisinesses (FCA/SRA) with enterprise equipment like Cisco and Palo Alto.

Endpoint Security

Our preferred option here is the ESET suite of products, but we have supported AVG, Avast, Kaspersky, Sophos in the past, and can happily maintain existing systems where required.

We have experience in implementing and maintatining MDM and RMM solutions where required.

PCI Compliance

PCI compliance is important for any business that handles credit/debit card payments for their customers. We have many years experience in carrying out security scans and resolving found vulnerabilities, to ensure a business meets the exact requirements of their PCI SAQ.

Policies and Procedures

We have a large 'library' of policies and procedures which can be suitably adapted to your business quickly and easily.