IT Support Contracts

Most businesses want to be able to predict their expenditure, and fixing the cost of IT support on a month-month contract is a great way of controlling costs.

Unlike other companies, we don't insist on an annual commitment (but will offer you a discount if you do choose to sign a longer agreement).

What does it cost?

All of our contracts are based on a predicted amount of IT support to be provided in the coming period. As this varies from company to company, it's difficult to predict the exact amount to be agreed.

If you are eager to get started, or would like to request a quote from us on a provisional basis, please contact us, and we will be happy to assist.

What is included in an IT contract?

The contract is put in place to maintain your existing systems - any reasonable request to maintain your systems will be undertaken. A non-exhaustive list of tasks:

  • Installation of software (providing assistance by remote support)
  • Installation of hardware (providing assistance by remote support)
  • Resolving errors with hardware, software or accessories
  • Virus Removal
  • Assisting with connection to the wireless network
  • Setting up a new user on a PC
  • Transferring data from one PC to another
  • Maintenance of Active Directory (adding users, removing users) if in use
  • Maintenance of Microsoft Exchange (adding mailboxes, removing mailboxes) if in use
  • Maintenance of Backups (ensuring these are running correctly, correcting any faults)
  • Maintenance of the Wireless network if in use
  • Maintenance of Cloud Services if in use
  • Remedy of any other technical issue preventing normal use of the IT systems

24/7 Monitoring

In addition to to above, we setup monitoring software to keep track of all internet connections, servers, and key network devices to immediately alert us to unexpected disconnection, low disk space, low availability of RAM etc. This will allow for us to take immediate action when such events occur.

Remote Monitoring and Management

In addition to 24/7 monitoring of key network devices and servers, we also setup Remote Monitoring and Management software on all PCs and Laptops. This allows us to make sure that common problems with your computers (such as running out of hard drive space) are spotted before they become an issue.

In addition, we can quickly and unobtrusively install or update software at your request. Want the new version of Adobe Reader installed? No problem - we can do that at a click of a button.

Service Level Agreement

Our standard service level agreement states that 80% of all received incidents/requests will be responded to within 15 minutes during normal working hours.

We then classify every incident/request we recieve.

System down/Major Incident

Failure of key system such as internet connection, server or cloud service.

Significant Incident

Failure of multiple computers or network devices, severe loss of functionality, such as no printing on multiple devices.

Minor Incident

Failure of one device, or minor loss of functionality, such as no printing on a single device.


A request to make a minor system change, like create a new user account, or to provide information about a system or service such as IP address, username, password etc.

The “first fix” for any incidents/requests will be carried out to the following schedule:

  • System down/Major Incident – immediate (within 15m)
  • Significant Incident – 1hr
  • Minor Incident – within 4hrs
  • Monitor/Request/Informational – within 8hrs (i.e. one working day)

If a site visit is required

We will visit your premises during working hours to rectify technical faults that cannot be resolved remotely with the following response times:

  • Major Incident – 4hrs
  • Significant Incident – 8hrs
  • Minor Incident – 24hrs

What's not included in a contract?

As your systems change and grow over time, it's natural that you will want to undertake larger pieces of work that aren't routine maintenance. An example of this might be replacing a server, or setting up a new printer for 20 members of staff.

Wherever there is project work to be completed, we will always discuss any potential cost implications with you in advance.

Since 2020, the world has undergone significant changes, and certainly most of our work since that time has been carried out by remote support.

Although we have a team of technicians who can visit your home/office if necessary to carry out installation and repair works, on-site work is always chargeable.

How can we get started?

If you've never worked with us before, we suggest a short period of time working together on a "pay-as-you-go" basis. This will allow both companies to get to know one another, and get a feel for how much technical support is required.

If it's important for you to sign a contract soon, or your current contract is expiring, please do request a quote from us on a provisional basis - contact us, and we will be happy to assist.