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Windows 10 – Change PPTP ipv4 Settings

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In my RTM copy of Windows 10 Pro, when I try to edit the IPv4 settings of a VPN connection, nothing happened when I clicked ‘Properties’.

Thankfully, there is a solution to the issue – you can edit the file rasphone.pbk in a text editor like notepad.exe and make the necessary changes in this file.

The exact setting I wanted to change was to disable the default gateway – also known as split tunneling. This way I can connect to the VPN, and only tunnel traffic for that specific remote site over the VPN – i.e. use my normal non-vpn connection for internet traffic.

This is called “IpPrioritizeRemote”. I set this to 0 instead of 1 and saved the PBK file. When I re-established the VPN connection in the usual way, the ‘default gateway’ setting worked as intended.

The PBK file is profile dependant, but can be found either at:




Other useful settings:
IpAddress – IP address for the client to use
IpDnsAddress – DNS server for the client to use
PhoneNumber – IP address of the remote host

DamianWindows 10 – Change PPTP ipv4 Settings
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