The Problem

Our client, a medium-sized company in South London, had outgrown their current premises, and needed more space for their staff to work, and for storage of stock. They took out a lease for new premises, around 1km away from their main offices. At the new site, they needed access to the same files and programs at their main site, while not sacrificing performance. Previously, the installation time for a fast internet connection had taken a number of months to complete.

Reviewing the Options

After conducting a thorough analysis of their needs and available options, we decided to go with a point to point wireless link using the Mikrotik Wireless Wire Dish. This type of system uses high-frequency radio waves to transmit data between two fixed locations, providing a fast and reliable connection without the need for physical cables between buildings. The dish-shaped antenna allows for long-distance communication and provides a strong, focused signal for improved performance.


To implement their new point to point wireless link, we worked with the company to carefully plan and execute the installation. This included conducting a site survey to determine the best placement for the Mikrotik Wireless Wire Dish, as well as configuring the system to ensure optimal performance.


When Complete

Once the system was installed (completed within one day) the new connection worked immediately. The equipment provides a fast and reliable connection between the two buildings, allowing employees to easily share files and collaborate on projects in real-time.

In addition to the improved communication and collaboration, the Mikrotik Wireless Wire Dish also provided cost savings for the company. Because the system did not require an a seperate internet connection to be installed at the new site, the installation process was much faster and less expensive than it would have been otherwise. The new link operates at over 800Mb/s - a normal internet connection of this speed would have been hundreds of pounds per month.

Overall, the company was extremely happy with our solution of implementing a Mikrotik Wireless Wire Dish for their point to point wireless link. The system provides the improved communication and collaboration they needed to take their business to the next level, while also offering significant cost savings and operational benefits.

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