Windows Server Support

Jaytag Computer install, maintain and support Microsoft Windows based servers from Windows NT4 (now long obsolete) to Windows Server 2022 (including small business and essentials versions).

We also can provide support and assistance for standard server software like IIS, Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Exchange. From administrative tasks like mailbox management, archiving and backup, to creation of SQL databases and setup of IIS based web sites.

When setting up a new server, we consider all your organisations requirements. For most small businesses, we install Windows Server Essentials - it's sufficient for businesses up to 25 users. Often we setup hybrid solutions, with a mix of Windows Server versions, coupled with cloud services such as Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Azure.

We can also host your server on our private clustered infrastructure, if you prefer to have no on-site servers.

You can find out more about Windows Server products from the Microsoft Website here.

What can a Windows Server provide me with?

The exact function of the server will vary dependant on your needs, but all will provide the following:

  • Shared file storage – allowing you to share files amongst all of your computers
  • Shared printers/printing -to centrally manage a shared printer
  • Domain logon and security – preventing unauthorised access to your systems
  • VPN (remote access) – allowing staff to work remotely
  • FTP server for sharing files with clients

How much will this cost?

Not as much as you think! Small server solutions can be set up for less than £500. Contact us today to find out more. Software licensing for education and charity customers is significantly cheaper – up to 70%, so server solutions can be setup very cost effectively in these environments.

We offer both pay-as-you go options, and IT support contracts - whatever suits your business best.

Support can also be provided for Windows based desktop PCs and Laptops. See here for more information.