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windows_7_logo Windows 7 is Microsoft's newest addition to its stable of operating systems. Along with Windows XP and Vista, it will soon be one of the most installed (and used) operating systems in the world.

But - we at Jaytag are of the strong opinion that it is a good idea to wait for Microsoft to iron out...

Have a look at this fantastic video from

It shows the exact same process that we go through when replacing a DC (power) socket on a customer's laptop.

As you can see, it's quite a lengthy process, that involves the removal of the laptop's motherboard.

We normal...


We've talked about AVG Free Anti-Virus on the blog before. We haven't talked about Avast however, which is another alternative to the expensive Anti-Virus products from Norton and McAfee.

Avast is quickly becoming one of the most popular free anti-virus products on the market.

The producers...


If you use Boot camp to run Microsoft Windows and Apple OSX on your Mac, you may have discovered that you cannot easily share files between the two systems.

There is a technical reason for that - Mac OS X can read and write drives formatted using FAT and FAT32 (like USB thumb drives) and it can...


The Conficker virus has to be one of the most difficult to get rid of. But how can you quickly diagnose if you have it?

There are some well known signs:

  • Windows Update and Automatic Updates are blocked
  • System Restore has been turned off
  • You cannot access anti-virus websites (such as Symant...