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If you are anything like us, you will often find yourself on the go, but needing to send and recieve emails. Changing your ISPs regularly (in our example, to Vodafone 3G) might mean that you cannot use the SMTP server you have set in your favourite mail program.

There is a way around this however...

A question we are often asked:

"Is there an easy way to do backups in Ubuntu?"

The answer is yes! File Backup Manager (pybackpack) is a simple GUI backup utility that allows backups to CD/DVD, your local file system or to a network drive either via SMB or SSH.

Lets install it. Open up a term...

This is quite a common problem it seems - after installing an update to Microsoft office, some of the applications will not open.

Here is one solution:

  1. Create a temporary Windows login account with administrative rights, then log into that new account.
  2. While logged in as the temporary user,...

This walkthrough will detail the installation and configuration of exim on your Ubuntu installation.

Firstly, lets get exim installed:

sudo su # enable root for installation and configuration - enter your password when prompted
apt-get install exim4 # Installs exim

Next, run the configuratio...

Here is an another excellent video from ViewDo. This one shows how to make a patch cable:

All the parts needed are available at Maplin: