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screenshot win10 pptp

In my RTM copy of Windows 10 Pro, when I try to edit the IPv4 settings of a VPN connection, nothing happened when I clicked 'Properties'.

Thankfully, there is a solution to the issue - you can edit the file rasphone.pbk in a text editor like notepad.exe and make the necessary changes in this fil...

SSH into the server

Run: /usr/local/bin/php-config --extension-dir

The result shows the PHP extension directory /usr/local/lib/php/extensions/no-debug-non-zts-20100525 Upload the latest version of ixed.5.4.lin to this directory using WinSCP or similar file transfer tool

Find the location of...

Export the existing wifi setup

netsh wlan export profile %SSIDName% folder=c:\temp

XML files of the existing connections will be exported to c:temp. Find the one you want all users to access. You need to modify the to false and enter the wireless key.

You will end up with something like this:


You need to retrieve the correct kernel-devel for the kernel of linux you are running, and remake DAHDI from source

SSH onto the machine and run: uname -r

Note the kernel version.

then, google for kernel-devel (kernel version) find a suitable download source (i.e. from

then o...