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This is a common problem with Windows Vista - most typically, the CD-ROM or DVD drive will fail to function correctly.

Here are the steps we take to fix the issue (be cautious - you'll have to edit the registry of the computer)

  • Click the Start button, and then in the search box, type regedit...

Screenshot of the Telnet utility

Telnet is a simple but extremely popular protocol for exchanging data between two computers. It is often used for testing computer programs. The Telnet utility is included with Windows Vista and Windows 7 computers although it is not enabled by default.

Enable Telnet for Windows Vista/Windows 7


If you try to run a scheduled task in Windows XP, it will balk if you don't enter a password (or if your main account has no password, it won't let you proceed).

There are two potential fixes:

Run the task as the administrator (i.e. your-machine-nameadministrator) You can then enter the adm...

If you are using a webhost like 1&1, you may find that adding additional domains to your hosting package sets the default directory (the 'home' directory) as a subdirectory of the main site.

Imagine you have two sites:


After adding the entry to you...


We have come across an issue recently with the new version of the Citrix online plugin (now called Citrix Reciever). Installation of the Citrix Reciever software from the OSX App store is not sufficient to allow the downloaded ICA file to auto open. The result is, you install Citrix Recieve...