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If you are using a webhost like 1&1, you may find that adding additional domains to your hosting package sets the default directory (the 'home' directory) as a subdirectory of the main site.

Imagine you have two sites:


After adding the entry to your li...


We have come across an issue recently with the new version of the Citrix online plugin (now called Citrix Reciever). Installation of the Citrix Reciever software from the OSX App store is not sufficient to allow the downloaded ICA file to auto open. The result is, you install Citrix Reciever a...


Wordpress plays nicely with most web hosts, although 1&1 are a little different.

If you try to update a freshly installed copy of WordPress on 1&1 hosting without making this change, some functions (mainly the automatic update processes) will not complete successfully.

The key is to edit t...

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This is a very common issue with Sage - if the program crashes for whatever reason, you are unable to log back into the program.

Before you start!

I'd always recommend taking a backup of the company files before making any changes to Sage program or data files - just in case! The Sage file dat...

If like us, you still encounter Office 2000 out in the field, you may find it needs updating from time to time. Sadly, the necessary updates are not all available from Microsoft.

You can download these updates here: