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When you are using Office365, you may find that external email addresses in a distrbution list do not recieve mails sent to the distribution list email address.

Many spam filters will block emails with a blank or empty return path, but Office365 sets this blank as default, to prevent email bounce...

Since Demon internet discontinued support for Turnpike, it has been impossible to source a copy of the software - especially since the Demon FTP site has also gone the way of the Dodo.

However, we have sourced a copy of the installer for Turnpike Six v6.07 it is downloadable here: entire.exe


When you first setup Office365, Microsoft provides you with a default domain - usually - for example, the Jaytag domain is

This can cause a small headache - as it's not obvious when you have added your companies domain where to set this as defa...

To manually install the Windows Recovery Console, you have to have the necessary updates. It seems Microsoft have removed the link to the recovery console that used to be linked to from here.

This makes running tools like ComboFix for example, quite difficult.

I've sourced the files (at least...

When you start Windows XP from the Windows Virtual PC software, you may be asked for the password to login for the first time.

Quite simply, the password is: Password1

Hope this helps!