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We've recently been testing sites with the Qualys SSL Server Test here:

By default, the SSL settings on Vesta are good - but it's not possible to get an A+ rating without making some changes to the nginx configuration files.

Although SSL Labs do give a...

Over the otherwise quiet Christmas period, we completed an office move for a design company, from their offices in Brixton to new offices in Clapham.

Office moves are a great oppurtunity to make changes to the way a network is setup - almost starting from a blank slate at the new offices.

The ne...

We recently completed a network upgrade and tidy for a training company in South London.

The problem points:

  1. Poor performance of the internet router - often crashed
  2. Poor wireless signal
  3. No VPN access, or unstable VPN access
  4. Messy network cabinet, making diagnosis of faults difficult.

Administering a large installed base of MikroTik routers can be difficult. You can use The Dude, but this has not been updated in some time, and MikroTik have not made their long term intentions clear in relation to the continued development of the software.

We use Ansible internally to remotely c...


One of our customers recently reported an interesting issue. They were running FreePBX on a machine with a very small amount of hard drive space. Usually, this would not be an issue, as FreePBX can be installed easily onto a small drive, even less than 10GB (I have a moment of reflection now, thin...