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Great instructional video from ViewDo:

Of course, the above doesn't detail how to transfer the data from the old hard drive if you are replacing it!

Jaytag can help on this front - for a flat fee of £20, we will transfer the data from one hard drive to another.

Give us a ca...

This is quite a common problem it seems - after installing an update to Microsoft office, some of the applications will not open.

Here is one solution:

  1. Create a temporary Windows login account with administrative rights, then log into that new account.
  2. While logged in as the temporary user...

This walkthrough will detail the installation and configuration of exim on your Ubuntu installation.

Firstly, lets get exim installed:

sudo su # enable root for installation and configuration - enter your password when prompted
apt-get install exim4 # Installs exim

Next, run the configuratio...

Software RAID-5 is a cheap and easy way to create a virtual single drive from many to store your files. Software RAID in Linux, via mdadm, offers lots of advanced features that are only normally available on harware RAID controller cards. A big one is the ability to 'grow' the array of disks when...

Sometimes, you may find that you wish to move or backup the PST archive files you have created in Microsoft Outlook. In this walkthrough, we show you how to find these files so they may be copied, moved or backed up.

In this walkthrough, I've used Outlook 2003, however the process is similar for a...