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We use the following formula if you need a - between the octets:

=MID(c2,1,2)&"-"&MID(c2,3,2)&"-"&MID(c2,5,2)&"-"& MID(c2,7,2)&"-"&MID(c2,9,2)&"-"&MID(c2,11,2)

We use the following formula if you need a : between the octets:

=MID(c2,1,2)&":"&MID(c2,3,2)&":"&MID(c2,5,2)&":"& MID(c2,7,2)&":"&MID...

It's often useful to test an email server manually - to ensure the port is open and redirected properly, and also that the server is delivering messages to the mailbox correctly.

Here is how to send an email manually with telnet:

Open a command prompt on the PC you will send the test email from


When restoring FreePBX from backup, you may find the CDR database is not updated. This is because the cdr_mysql.conf file is not overwritten by the restore, and so the password for the CDR database is incorrect.

You can resolve it like this:

  • SSH onto the server nano /etc/freepbx.conf
  • Find t...

Open Control Panel Click Hardware and Sound Click Device Manager In Network Adapters, find the LAN card you want to reset. This is often something like:

  • Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller
  • Broadcom NetXtreme 57xx Gigabit Controller
  • Intel PRO/1000MT Network Adapter

Once you have identified...

If you want to use a scan-to-email device or other application that requires an SMTP gateway, Office 365 can be used.

In our tests, a live account must be configured for the device, otherwise you have to use a user's credentials to send mail, which may not be desirable.

  • Server: smtp.office36...